We have been creating solutions for water purification since 1982

Idromar International was founded in 1982 when water-makers for nautical use were practically unknown. His great love of the sea and boating led Vittorio Battino to construct the first water-maker as a hobby, having acquired the experience required working in the water purification sector. His twenty years experience was a determining factor in the success of the first IDROMAR water-maker.

Why choose Idromar's products

Easy to use
Quick maintenance
Selected materials

Italian excellence

the first models were constructed using high quality reliable materials and the results could only be positive. This philosophy of quality and reliability has been maintained and has earned IDROMAR an untarnished reputation at international level.

Historical repertoire

Those who buy Idromar do not buy a product but become part of a family

- Nicole Battino -

Our Team

Our prerogatives, quality and reliability

It is clear to one and all that Vittorio Battino puts Client Satisfaction first, whether the client is a shipyard, a pleasure-boater, distributor or maintenance technician. He has never forgotten that reliability, ease of use and simplicity of operation are the critical factors for onboard installations.
Unfortunately in 2013 Vittorio Battino "left for a long journey" and the company is now managed by his sons Alessandro for the foreign market and Nicole for the Italian market and after-sales service (spare parts, assistance and warranty). In 2021 Idromar presented the IDRO 45PUR purification system and a new range of plants called Xmini.

Our solutions

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